Monday, April 25, 2011

Third Drawing (Drawing III 2)

This drawing has to do with the idea of place. During class, in order to come up with an idea for this piece, we created a thought web chart so that we could visually see our thoughts on this subject matter. When we were creating this chart, we were instructed to not think about what we were putting down, but just put the first thought that comes to our mind, and then feed off of those ideas. As I looked over the chart that I created, I notice that there was a recurring theme of nostalgia involved in everything that I thought of. Because of this, someone asked me what the most meaningful place was and I told them that my home was the most meaningful place to me because I have spent the most time there. I have lived in the same city in the same house for my entire life. They then asked me to be more specific about what my favorite place at home is to be, and after thinking about it, I realized that it was the pool. I have always loved to be in the water ever since I was a very little kid. During high school I was on the synchronized swimming team. This had a major impact on my life, and was the most memorable experience for me throughout my life at home. So I decided to include this in my piece. I wasn't sure how to show this through a drawing because I figured that drawing a synchronized swimmer would be way too cliche. So after looking through some images, I found one that used ink to show the feeling of being in the water. I decided to play around with this idea and experiment with using ink and water to express the emotion of swimming in the pool. We will see how this turns out!

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