Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Myeres Briggs

  1. Name and describe your type. ISFP (Introvert Sensing Feeling Perceiving)
  2. Read your type's description and write what you find especially true to yourself within that description and what you find only partially, or not at all, descriptive of you. The I in ISFP means that I am introverted, which is definitely true for me. I wish that I could feel comfortable around people, but I am absolutely not comfortable around them. It is getting better, but I am still definitely a total introvert. They also live in a world of sensation possibilities and have a strong aesthetic appreciation for art. This is definitely accurate for me. I am very in tuned to my senses. Another thing that really describes me is being sympathetic to others. I always care much more about how other people feel than how I feel.
  3. How do the strengths of your type influence the work you do as an artist/designer, especially as related to Drawing III this semester? What weaknesses of your type do you need to remain aware of in order to overcome them when needed? The weaknesses of my type mainly affect critiques. Because of the fact that I am an introvert and don't like expressing my opinion, and because of the fact that I am sympathetic to other people, and don't like making them feel bad, it is hard for me to really say what I think about a piece during the critique. I tend to just stay quiet during them. As far as strengths, obviously the fact that I am so attuned to senses and aesthetics makes me very attracted to art in general. It says that they are not likely to give themselves credit for things that they do well, which I think really helps my art because I never seem to be satisfied with it so I always am looking for ways that I can change it and make it better.
  4. How may your type affect the choices you make in regard to subject matter? ISFPs tend to be huge lovers of nature and animals. I like to draw these things a lot, but I also like to do other things as well.
  5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your type in a group setting such as critique? What does your type have to offer the class in a critique setting? What weaknesses need to be addressed in order for you to be a successful participant in critique? (Remember, participation during critiques makes up a part of your grade. If you are not participating to your fullest potential, this will be reflected in your grade. If you need to participate through writing and commenting on blogs, you need to take the initiative to do so.) I think that people that have my personality type have a lot of thoughts during critiques because they are very observant, but they don't know how to express them because of what I said before, so they would much rather write things down or comment on blogs. I will need to start doing that.

Second Critique

The second critique was a little disappointing for me because I realized that I made some poor decisions when deciding what I should draw. The class pointed out that it was very evident that I used stock photos, and the fact that I chose to draw the stock photos realistically made my drawings a lot less interesting. The reason why I chose to draw them realistically is because it has always been very challenging for me to draw realistically, but I now understand why it gives more creativity to a piece if I change the photos and draw them in a different style.
Not only did I make a poor decision in choosing to use stock photos in the first place, but I also chose poor stock photos to draw from. It was very difficult to find a picture that I could draw of a grandmother, so I chose what I thought was the best one, but the one that I chose was clearly an Asian woman which did not make sense to use with the other picture of the American child. Also, the picture of the child that I used was a bad one to use because she looks very posed. It was a candid shot, but she looks like a child model, so it gives the impression that she thinks she is very photogenic, etc.
It was very disappointing because I spent a lot of time working on these drawings, and they didn't turn out how I wanted, but I learned a lot from doing them.