Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Week (Life Drawing)

This week in life drawing, we were given a seashell and instructed to do a blind contour drawing.

Then we were instructed to do a contour drawing without lifting our pencil from the page.
However, we were able to look at our drawing this time. These drawings were observed by the rest of the class, and then we split up into groups and they gave us feedback on them.

My group said that it looked like I lifted my charcoal a lot in the blind contour, which is true. It actually made it a lot more difficult, as I came to realize, to lift the charcoal a lot because I was not able to see where to start up again. They also said that in was very linear, it looked like I paid attention to the line value, and that it had a very sketchy feel to it.

I was pleased with this feedback and I think that it is all very true.

We also had a model come to our class.

We were given a set amount of time to do many gesture drawings.

I found these gesture drawings to be really difficult for many reasons. First of all, I am not used to working with the human form, so it was difficult to get the proportions accurate. Having a time constraint was also very hard because I am typically a very slow drawer because I feel like I am only able to create good work if I take my time on it, so it was much easier to do the more time we were given. Not being able to erase was also really hard because normally I erase A LOT. But I think overall, I learned a lot from doing these gesture drawings and it made my skills better. I think I am improving and it is becoming easier to do.