Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Synchronized Swimming

Because Amy had said that she wanted to see some pictures from my synchronized swimming I have included some.

Final Project Critique (Drawing III 2)

For the critique for our final project, we had a professor come and talk to us in the gallery as a guest about our pieces. This seemed to be very helpful to get another professors opinion and hear what he thought about them. For my piece, he was really interested in the synchronized swimming. he said that it was a really good idea to use water in my work along with the paint to express the feeling of being in the pool and also have the colors of the paint blend together. He said that that was a really effective way to show the water, and that it really gave the feeling of being in the water and that you could easily tell what the piece was. He said that blue was an easy way to show water. I had tried using other colors such as reds and purples, and greens and teals, also yellows and greens, but nothing else seemed to work because they all just seemed to look like bodily fluids, so that is why I chose to use blue. He also said that having the different pictures placed in a scattered formation looked half hazard. He understood, though, when I explained that it would clash against the piece that was in front of it since those were in rows, and also because it resembled the water, but he said that it might have worked better if it was in a synchronized swimming formation. He agreed that they should not be placed in specific rows. Then he started to suggest to include using elements about a specific routine I was in. However, I feel that this would overcomplicate the piece. But overall I thought it was a very good and helpful critique.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Final Project (Drawing III 2)

For my final project, because everyone said that they liked my last piece so well during the last critique and they said that they wanted me to make more of them, I decided that I should make a lot more of the drawing pieces that I made for the last project and put them up in the show that we are having on Tuesday. The class said that they really liked the fact that there were multiple pictures because it represented going and swimming every day again and again, which I definitely did, but they wanted me to push that element of the piece more since I only put five of them up earlier, so they wanted me to make a lot more of them in order to do this. I'm not sure how many I am going to put up in the show and how I am going to arrange them, but I will set it up and see what looks the best. These are somewhat difficult and time consuming to make, but I will try to make as many as possible before the show. I am really happy with his piece, and even though they are time consuming and difficult to make they are also pretty fun to make so I should enjoy spending time making more of them. I am really excited for the show! I think it will be great! Our title was going to be, "Lick the Beavers" but Amy decided against that so now it is "No Compromise" because no one could compromise on a title. I think it's pretty clever. We are deciding what pieces everyone is going to put up in the show, but I think it will have a lot of good works and a lot of variety in it.