Saturday, April 30, 2011

Third Drawing Critique (Drawing III 2)

I am so pleased with how this critique went! It started off really funny because someone said that it looked like tasty taffy. Then people started saying some really good comments about it. They really liked the title, "Just Keep Swimming" because it was from the movie Finding Nemo and because it went with the story behind the piece and explained it really well. They said that they really liked the colors and how they blended together with the mark making. Someone else said that it looked wet and that it really looked like you were in the water and it gave that feeling of being expressive and being able to move through the water. Going along with the title, they said that they liked how there was multiple pictures as opposed to one large picture because it gave the feeling of repetitiveness and swimming over and over again everyday, but not necessarily doing the same thing every time you swim which as I said earlier was exactly what I wanted to convey. These were all really encouraging comments to hear because I wasn't completely sure of how accurately I accomplished this. Then a lot of people started to ask questions about my experience in synchronized swimming and how to do it. They were really interested in it and I am really glad that these pieces brought up this discussion. Because of the fact that it gave the feeling of repetitiveness, they suggested that it would be cool to have a very large amount of these and put them all over the wall in a grouping instead of only having the five that I put up in a row. They liked how I displayed the ones that I did, but they said that I should make more of them and display them in that way. I am so happy with this critique.

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