Monday, May 17, 2010

Fourth Critique

Honestly, I think this critique was the most surprising for me.
Everyone seemed to really like my piece, which I was really surprised at.
The reason this was so surprising to me was because I spent the least amount of time on this piece and the class said that they liked this piece the best.
I was very pleased that the class liked this piece so much. And the fact that they liked this one the best taught me that the most important thing about a drawing is the concept behind the drawing and the meaning that goes into it.
I learned that it is much more important to create a pice that means something than to spend a lot of time trying to get a piece to look exactly how it looks in real life or in the picture that you are drawing from.

Third Critique

This critique was probably the most disappointing for me. The reason why it was so disappointing was because I worked the hardest on this piece, and during the critique, the class sort of ripped it apart. (Figuratively speaking). The objective of this piece was to create something using the style of Monet. They said that I chose a good composition and subject matter for the piece, but they didn't like the way that I went about drawing it at all. They said that I should not have used black because that made the colors look much less saturated, which is not a characteristic of Monet. They said that the colors I used reflected a time of day that Monet would not typically paint from. They said that when they looked at the piece, they didn't get the feeling of Monet from it at all.
Because of all of the criticism, though, I did learn a lot from it. It was constructive and I definitely learned some techniques and tips to make it better in the future. Also, something that was comforting was that they said that it was not a bad drawing, but it was a drawing that is going to be a great drawing. it just needed a little more work. And I think that the tips that were given will help me be able to do that.